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NEXT TECHSOCIAL TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2013 7:30pm at The Crow’s Nest Pub Google Maps Join us for the Pictou County Launch of the
I-3 Technology I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition Start-Up Competition 2013-2014
Are you working on a new business venture with a focus on a new knowledge-based product or service? You could WIN $100,000 1st Place - $100,000 | 2nd Place - $40,000 There are 5 additional categories worth $25,000 each.


The Innovacorp I3 Start-Up Competition only comes around every two years and now is your chance to win $100,000 for your business start-up idea. Pictou County is part of Zone 1 and includes Cumberland, Colchester, Pictou, Antigonish, Guysborough Counties. There is $100,000 and $40,000 that will be awarded to a business in this zone and why not yours!

Pictou County took both first and second prize in the last competition and we need your help in keeping us on top as the most innovative community! Come out and meet Stephen Duff, President and CEO of Innovacorp and his team who will be officially launching this competition in Pictou County.

Join us at The Crow’s Nest Pub on Tuesday, Oct 1 @ 7:30pm

Visit for competition details.
(trust me, that’s a good thing)
TechSocial is simply a way for like-minded people to take a couple hours each month and get to talk about what interests them most; techie stuff. If you’re at all worried that you have more friends online than in person, now is your chance
to find out. Whether you work in technology, want to work in technology, believe technology can help you or your business or simply like to drink beer/ Redbull; you are invited to TechSocial. Everyone is welcome.

From the last TechSocial

Not sure what to say at a TechSocial? No problem, try this top 20 list of conversation starters:
1. Kirk or Picard? Go.
2. I couldn’t help but notice you reading my T-Shirt from the other side of the room.
3. Ever open the door at Canada Post and yell "You Got Mail!"?
4. Why, is that an electronic voltmeter in your pocket?
5. Nice bowtie, you know the "chicks dig it."
6. So... have you ever calculated the time dilation between you and the earth on a transcontinental flight?
7. Which Muppet do you most identify with and why?
8. There are 10 types of people in this world. Those that know binary and those that don't.
9. It doesn’t take a genius to see how gorgeous you are, but if it did, I would be overqualified.
10. Ping. Response?
11. What's an avatar like you doing at a TechSocial like this?
12. Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
13. Aren’t the chicken wings
14. My co-pilot, Chewie, couldn’t be here tonight.
15. Greetings, m'lady. Couldn't help but notice that you've set your phaser to stunning.
16. If I said you had a beautiful <body>, would you hold it against me?
17. Today I deleted a tweet and wrote it again because I made a grammatical error. That's how I roll.
18. Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money.
19. Women, you give them 2.54 cm, and they take 1.609 km.
20. Hi, I'm looking for someone to do the Kessel Run in less than twelve Parsecs.